Volunteer work as personal development strategy

Few years ago I did some research about how NGOs and other volunteer based organizations work. This let me to a question: How to incorporate volunteer work into your personal development strategy?

How do you change the world today? What can you give. What can you learn.

Non-millennials like to do business with companies that do good, too. So it makes sense to incorporate charity and volunteer work in your life.

Look for a cause that needs your abilities. You want something that aligns with what you like to do, but make sure that your efforts aren’t solely about self-promotion. Spotlighting your charity work is OK, but make sure it doesn’t cross into bragging territory.

If you take a one-and-done approach to philanthropy, it won’t help you. Instead, support causes over the long term. Make it an annual event or an on-going effort — or both. Others will see the connection between you and giving — and you won’t need to mention it at all.